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The Secret Of The Claw Machine

Just put in a few bucks and you have a chance to catch cute dolls. Do you like to play this kind of doll catching

what is crane claw machine

A claw crane, claw machine, toy crane machine or skill crane is a type of arcade game, is a kind of retail vending machine, commonly

Zhongshan International Game & Amusement Expo

Zhongshan International Game & Amusement Expo (referred to as Zhongshan Game Fair) since its launch in 2008, after 13 years of cultivation and creation of the organizing committee, has become the global game and amusement industry international, authoritative, efficient industry trade exchange platform, whether the professionalism of the exhibition, the quality of the exhibition, exhibition benefits, or social attention, influence, are continuously on the rise. From 2008 to 2020, the total trade turnover of Zhongshan Tourism Expo exceeds 21 billion yuan, which has become the most forward-looking and attractive high-end trade event in the industry.

With the further integration of culture and tourism development, the 2021 Zhongshan Tourism Expo in the original single game amusement product display as the main function, based on the addition of the “2021 China (Zhongshan) International Cultural Tourism Industry Expo” (hereinafter referred to as Zhongshan Tourism Expo), 2021 Zhongshan Tourism Expo & Zhongshan Tourism Expo display trade content Further expanded to cover indoor parks – theme parks – water park facilities and equipment and planning, design, construction, theme packaging / decoration scenery; intelligent tourism – cultural tourism technology – cultural tourism accommodation – performance night tour – tourism scenic spot equipment and scenic commercial services; ice and snow sports hall – family entertainment center – museum – science and technology museum – theater and other entertainment venues of high-tech multimedia and VR / AR products; cultural and creative The second consumption products – animation IP and derivative products and commercial beauty; cultural tourism project investment – development – planning – operation – management and project promotion, etc., attracting more than 600 domestic and foreign games and amusement, cultural tourism-related enterprises exhibitors, to help revive the cultural tourism after the epidemic and reshape the glory.