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The Secret Of The Claw Machine

Just put in a few bucks and you have a chance to catch cute dolls. Do you like to play this kind of doll catching

what is crane claw machine

A claw crane, claw machine, toy crane machine or skill crane is a type of arcade game, is a kind of retail vending machine, commonly

The Secret Of The Claw Machine

claw machine arcade

Just put in a few bucks and you have a chance to catch cute dolls. Do you like to play this kind of doll catching game? In recent years, the “claw machine” has gradually become popular. Not to mention the video game arcade, there is no shortage of it in shopping malls and supermarkets. Don’t underestimate these “claw crane machines”, they are an excellent business.

Buying is not as enjoyable as catching

At the entrances of many shopping centers, you can see dozens of claw machines with flashing lights as soon as you enter the door. In the transparent window, colorful dolls are very eye-catching. This kind of crane machine supports online payment, one dollar at a time. Although the price is not low, the attractiveness of dolls is obviously greater. From time to time, parents bring their children to stop and spend.

“These dolls look pretty cute. The children can’t walk when they see them, and they use mobile phones to pay. There is no excuse for no change,” said Anna, who was planning to spend money on consumption. Another Emily who consumes here said that she is a loyal fan of the claw machine. “There are almost 10 dolls in the family. Although you can also spend money to buy these dolls, the ones you buy are obviously not as enjoyable as the ones you caught!”

Plush toy wall

The cost of plush toys only accounts for 20% of the total revenue of the doll machine

The cost of operating a crane machine mainly includes crane machine purchase expenses, gift purchase expenses, and venue rent. Among them, in terms of claw machine purchase, the purchase price of a crane machine is about 400-1200 US dollars.

In terms of purchasing gifts, the cost of an ordinary 7-inch doll is between 1-3 US dollars, which actually only accounts for about 20% of the total income, which is still affordable for the operator, and the better the quality of the doll, the more it will bring There will be more repeat customers.

In terms of venue rents, rents vary from location to location. Crane machine is a business that relies particularly on the flow of people, so it is necessary to try to choose places such as shopping malls and shopping centers with a large flow of people.

Does catching dolls have anything to do with the player’s skill?

There are many doll catching gods on Youtube. They can catch many dolls at a time. Is there really any unique secret to catching dolls?

Grasping a doll has a certain relationship with personal skills, but the probability of success is mainly affected by the computer setting program. If someone has a terrifyingly high success rate of grabbing, then it is very likely that they have manipulated the machine in advance. The dolls in some claw machines are larger in size and have higher value, but the cost of a single grab is the same as that of ordinary claw machines. The reason is that these machines equipped with high-value dolls have a higher success rate than Ordinary claw machine is low.

Generally, the prize rate is adjusted when the crane machine leaves the factory. The success rate is usually 1:10, that is to say, 10 times are successful once. If the buyer has specific requirements, they can also modify the prize rate and increase it. , Drop can be. The grasping success rate is achieved by controlling the grasping force of the claws by the claw machine main board.

Broad market

The history of the crane machine can be traced back to the early 20th century. Since the 1990s, it has become popular in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. In recent years, with the development of online payment, the operation of crane machines has become even more simple and convenient. Generation Z’s hobby of collecting animation figures and various novel gifts has boosted the explosion of crane machines.

Some experts predict that now, the doll machine is in a dividend period, and there is no absolute monopolist yet, and the market is very blank. And the crane machine format itself also has huge room for reverie. In the future, every claw machine may be an Internet of Things terminal. Operators can view the revenue data and fault conditions of each machine through their mobile phones without having to be on site, and modify the parameters in time for maintenance. In terms of profit model, in the future, crane machine operators can also cooperate with other businesses, which is a very good project for first-time entrepreneurs.