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The Secret Of The Claw Machine

Just put in a few bucks and you have a chance to catch cute dolls. Do you like to play this kind of doll catching

what is crane claw machine

A claw crane, claw machine, toy crane machine or skill crane is a type of arcade game, is a kind of retail vending machine, commonly

How to choose a high quality claw crane machine?

Whether you want to add gift machine items to your arcade or open your own crane machine store, it is important to choose the right gift vending machine. The price of crane machines on the market varies so much. Product quality varies.

The main components of the claw crane machine include the control circuit board, solenoid, motor, hook, micro-motion, chassis, etc.

A good claw crane, from the design to the selection of parts, from assembly to repeated testing before leaving the factory, each link requires a huge investment. Only in this way can the production of claw cranes to ensure quality, with good stability, to bring players a better and happy experience, welcomed by the market.

1、Control circuit board (i.e. crane machine main board)
The most important part of a crane machine, it controls the prize rate of the machine, but also control the strength of the claw, the precise control of the strength is very important when grabbing gifts, can make the capture process more natural, the player game experience better.

2、Electromagnet body
The electromagnet is the core component of the entire claw crane machinery. The accuracy of the iron core will greatly affect the performance and life of the crane. It is usually combined with anti-magnetization and anti-carbon deposition technology, which can accurately feedback the voltage and quickly adapt to the requirements of the working environment. On the other hand, common products on the market use PL4 common cores without anti-magnetization, anti-carbon deposition and no accurate voltage feedback.

The electric motor provides operating power for the whole claw crane. The quality of the motor determines whether the crane is stable, durable, and can move smoothly.

The expected life of the claw crane machine used for micro-motion is high strength 150,000 trigger detection without failure. The high wear-resistant structure protects the body safely and durably.

5、Overhead crane
The overhead crane is the most intuitive part of the player’s face. The strength of the claw is controlled by the main board, the claw itself is affected by the accuracy of the grip strength, good claw and overhead crane move more smoothly and more natural strength.

Star amusement claw crane machine using a high-quality crane, using stainless steel shell and high-precision process, the motherboard program control more sensitive, very low failure rate, made of enhanced carbon steel alloy of high quality crane machine is strong and durable, crane gears using copper alloy greatly extend the service life of the crane machine. Cheap crane machine is made of ordinary materials, greatly reducing the quality and durability of the crane machine.

The accessories used in the crane machine are the crane, motor, copper gears.