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The Secret Of The Claw Machine

Just put in a few bucks and you have a chance to catch cute dolls. Do you like to play this kind of doll catching

what is crane claw machine

A claw crane, claw machine, toy crane machine or skill crane is a type of arcade game, is a kind of retail vending machine, commonly

Where should the Capsule Vending Machine be placed?

To operate a capsule vending machine, half depends on the location, and the other half depends on the gift and management methods of the capsule vending machine, which is very similar to the business philosophy and method of the crane machine.
The appearance is beautiful, can it attract players’ attention; the failure rate is not high, can it ensure normal operation; whether the game program is good, whether it can stick to the player, whether the profit is stable… These are the choices of capsule vending machines and claw machines. Important features

Is there any coup for operating a capsule vending machine?
When the capsule vending machine swings, there is an endless stream of people who come to play. That’s because you are lucky enough to choose the right spot. In the current market, good wine is also afraid of deep alleys! The capsule vending machine still needs investors to carefully operate.

Where is the gas-cap machine suitable for placement?
First of all, we need to know who the customers of the capsule vending machine are? What are the consumer psychology and habits of these customer groups? Where do you like to go for recreation?

[Consumer groups-children, teenagers]
Toys, gifts, and figures are essential for modern children. Children like toys, most of which come from their psychological needs. Now the emotional world of children and adolescents is colorful, rich in imagination, and very sensitive to all kinds of new things, and the pursuit of fun is more intense.
Among young people, their love and pursuit of figurines brings them a kind of happiness and a childlike heart, allowing their hearts to return to childhood and adding surprises and fun.
In summary, the main customer groups of capsule vending machines, children and teenagers are more dominant.

【Consumer Psychology and Habits】
The capsule vending machine allows many people to get prizes that are several times higher than the consumption amount. This feeling makes them want to stop.
A larger part of young people like to do hand-made, pursue brand, advocating the consumer psychology characteristics of brand, and also have a yearning for scarce products. Undoubtedly, the various high-end brand figures placed in the capsule vending machine are very attractive to teenagers of this age.

Outside of work, their entertainment activities are mostly: shopping, eating snacks, watching movies, singing, dancing, bars, reading, swimming, fitness, yoga, clubs…

In view of the above analysis, the recommended place to place the capsule vending machine:
Prosperous area shopping mall
Shopping malls are definitely the first choice for people to shop. Around the mall, there are generally some entertainment venues such as restaurants, movie theaters, and video game centers to form a huge business circle that provides diversified services to the public. The daily flow of people in the shopping mall is large, which is one of the choices for the placement of the capsule vending machine.

According to the survey data of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television on the movie consumer group, 18-25 year-old audiences account for the majority, and the consumer group in the theater is mostly young couples, which is highly consistent with the customer group of the capsule vending machine. Target customers.

Walking street
The pedestrian street mainly sells all kinds of clothing and is one of the most popular places for young friends. The pedestrian street is basically the most prosperous area in the city, and the flow of people should not be underestimated.

The flow of people in the playground is very large, especially on holidays or weekends.

For the sole purpose of profit, the capsule vending machine is more suitable to be placed in the above-mentioned places. If the main purpose is to attract traffic, the capsule vending machine can be placed in high-end restaurants, clubs, hotels, resorts, tourist attractions and other places. It is also very suitable to be placed with the claw machine.

The prerequisite for operating a capsule vending machine is to make a good gift plan. To operate the capsule vending machine, follow a principle: to be popular and word-of-mouth, you will definitely be able to achieve profit!

On the capsule vending machine selection
A good-looking product can be loved by everyone. Now it is a society with good looks, making the whole environment full of different visual experience.

In addition to a good product, a good quality is also needed, so that there is no need to waste time on repairs.