Superbike 2 Game Machine Simulator Motorcycle Arcade

Superbike 2 Game Machine Simulator Motorcycle Arcade

FF Moto is a new motor racing arcade game that upgrate from the traditional race game machine.Cool flashing design and stereo effects can attract people. It supports single mode or multiplayer online competition.

Superbike 2 Game Machine (FF Motor Racing Games)

How to play the game?

  1. Insert coins and enter the game.
  2. Choose a track, motorcycle color, and press the confirm button to select the motorcycle. There are various luxury motorcycles and a variety of tracks to choose from.
  3. Start the game. Twist the right throttle to accelerate and use the brake to slow down and turn. If the motorcycle goes off the track, it will automatically return to the track. Continue to twist the throttle to keep the bike upright.
  4. Reach the destination, display the ranking, and the game ends. It is a brand new and unique program, very attractive.


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