Pure Love Claw Machine

Pure Love Claw Machine

The pure love claw machine is a newly designed claw crane. The borderless gift display cabinet can show players all angles of gifts, evoke the desire of players to get gifts. The all-metal + rigidized glass case makes the claw machine sturdy and durable. , Not easy to be damaged.

Pure Love Claw Machine

As a professional supplier of claw machines and gift vending machines, Star Entertainment is committed to providing you with an overall solution for the claw machine arcade, providing you with a package of solutions for the design, production, testing, transportation, and operation of the claw machine. Place the acrylic on the top of the claw machine, the control panel and the bottom of the machine, to customize your unique claw machine for you.
Crane machine for sale, come and open your crane machine shop, small investment and big return, as long as one person can operate it, please contact us.

How To Play  The Claw Arcade Machine?

1. Insert coins and the game start ;

2. Move the rocker to choose your favorite gift ;

3. Pree the key button after the crane mechanism aimed at your favoite gift ;

4. You can get it if the gift falls into the exit, and the game over.

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