Ofo Catcher Two-Claw Crane Machine Popular In Southeast Asia

Ofo Catcher Two-Claw Crane Machine Popular In Southeast Asia

UFO Catcher (UFOキャッチャー) Two-claw machine is a popular series of Japanese arcade crane games, first created by Sega in 1985. The game was so popular that the name “UFO Catcher” became a colloquial term used for all types of crane games. They are a popular staple at arcades across the country and are filled with various prizes, ranging from keychains to food to plush toys, often called “UFO Catcher dolls.”

How to play OFO catcher game machine:

1. Press “→” button to move the claw;
2. Press”↑” button to catch the prize;
3. Press”E” button to catch you like prize.
The two metal prongs drop down, and as they close, they may pick up a toy and drop it into the hole.

OFO catchers Two claw machine involve some skill and some luck.
To win, one must skillfully drop the crane in the right spot, so that it will either pick up a toy or push it over the edge into the drop hole.  Changing the metal shelves for achieve different games, it keep refreshing for players. We can provide 21pcs games accessories. Can sell it separately.

Different shapes of claws

In order to adapt to different playing methods, we designed different claw shapes. There are 2 & 3 & 4 claw for you choose. Meet your any requirement.

English version 7inch IPS touch screen

Humanized management system, programmable pricing and options. The touch screen set on the console surface. If the machine have any problem will appear on the screen, you will know right away. And you can adjust the down-claw in each area. Accurate control the winning rate. Easy to manage.

Packing & Delivery

We succeeded in sending a machine to America, Australia, Malaysia,Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Ect.
Standard packing : Bubble pack+ Kraft paper+ Stretch films+ Wood case. 100% guaranteed safe delivery to your store.



Standby Power






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