Initial D8 Racing Game Machine Indoor Amusement Video Game Arcade

Initial D8 Racing Game Machine Indoor Amusement Video Game Arcade

Initial D 8 Racing Game Machine
116*166*225 cm
110V~220 V
350 W
32 inch LCD
Metal chassis + plastic

To play the game, follow these steps:

Insert a coin to start.
1、Choose a game mode.
2、Use the steering wheel to select your car.
3、Select the desired difficulty level from the available four options.
4、Take note of the tips displayed on the screen during game loading.
5、Begin playing and enjoy the game!

​Initial D 8 is an arcade racing game machine developed by ​Sega. It is the tenth installment in the Initial D arcade game series and is also known as “​Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity.” This version of the game features various improvements and new features compared to its predecessors.

Initial D 8 Infinity allows players to race solo or as part of a team. It introduces a renewed story mode called “​Legend of the Street” with new gameplay elements, such as battles against rival racers. The game also includes the “​Initial D Factory,” where players can join Initial D.NET to tune up their cars using D Coins. D Coins can be earned during gameplay and can also be used to purchase licenses for additional content.

The game features a “Driving Training Curriculum” mode that evaluates players’ driving skills, classifying them into different categories such as Second-class, First-class, or Super First-class. If players reach First-class in all stages, they can unlock hidden bonus stages for additional enjoyment.

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