Hi Claw Crane Machine

Hi Claw Crane Machine

The latest crane machine has a fully transparent doll display case, so that players are attracted to your carefully selected toys at a glance, and the metal case is stronger and more durable for long-distance transportation.

As a professional claw crane machine supplier, we are committed to designing cooler and more dazzling crane machines so that everyone will say: “Wow, it’s so cool, I want to play it”, when they see it on the street.

Hi claw crane is one of our latest crane machines, with English setting interface, you can easily and quickly adjust the crane payout rate, convenient for operators to adjust when placing different value gifts, very simple and convenient, you can clearly check the accounts, the amount of coins received and the number of gifts out have accurate records, how much money you have earned at a glance.

-Full metal frame structure
-Tempered safety glass
-Electronic coin mechanism
-Optional US dollar bill acceptor
-Medium-strength claws, including adjustable strength and meters
-Optical prize detection system
-Fascinating music with adjustable volume
-LCD setting panel, simple and easy to operate
-Customized service is available-Please call for details
-One year manufacturer’s warranty, free parts shipping
-24 hours technical support

Hi Claw Crane Machine is affordable and fully functional, ideal for placement in shopping malls, amusement parks, walking streets, video game halls, family entertainment centers




Standby Power


Working Power



150 KG

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