Capsule Vending Machine

Capsule Vending Machine

Vending Machines
110V / 220V

Capsule Vending Machine
A capsule vending machine refers to a machine that sells toys. You can clearly know what style of toys are sold in the promotional card in front of the vending machine, as long as you put in coins (usually coins), and then twist the mechanism in front of the machine. The sales opportunity drops out a round egg-shaped capsule containing toys from the lower exit. Usually can be placed together with the crane claw machine in shopping malls, playgrounds, game rooms, video arcades

The capsule vending machine can bring you the most destined Garage Kits and the most interesting surprises. You can discuss with your friends, what interesting things you got, what interesting things I got, and give you a curious guess to discuss the process of. It can bring you the models you want in the near future, or bring you lucky toys, or new electronic products, game consoles, all kinds of gifts you thought of, but you didn’t expect it, and bring you ubiquitous surprise. This kind of guessing process is the fun of the capsule vending machine, and in addition to interesting surprises, the capsule vending machine brings you this minute of relaxation and happiness.


Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, White, Green, Pink

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